Weekly Tech Help Appointments

Tech Help Appointments

Need help using your computer, smartphone, or tablet? Uncertain of where to find information about health, jobs, or that new computer program? Book a librarian for free, accessible, and helpful guidance on these and other research topics. Appointments are a half hour long. Appointments will be held virtually until such a time in person programming is safe to resume.

Request a virtual appointment via Zoom or phone and receive assistance with screen sharing or remote viewing tools. After signing up, you will receive the Zoom invite link the morning of your appointment time. You can also sign up to receive distant computer help in the Library using a library laptop and a remote viewing app. This is the most direct form of instruction as someone can control the device you're using while you receive instruction over the phone.

Sign up for a tech help appointment with the following form. Appointment availability is limited. Erik, our Adult Services Librarian, will follow up with you to schedule the next available appointment time you've requested.

Guided Meditation - Every Tuesday at 3 PM

Guided Meditation

Leave the bustle of your day to settle peacefully into the moment. The group will sit in chairs and be gently guided in body-centered meditations, including mindfulness of breathing and a focus on relaxation of the body at rest. Each session will include an introduction, followed by 10 minutes of guided relaxation, 24 minutes of guided sitting meditation practice, 5 to 10 minutes of contemplation time, followed by optional discussion. Our guide is Pamala Lewis, who teaches guided meditations and Mindful Yoga at the Mystic Y, is the coordinator of the New London Community of Mindfulness, and is a devoted student and meditation practitioner of more than 25 years. No prior experience necessary. 

Book Writers Group - First and Third Wednesday at 6PM

Book Writer's Group

We've gone digital!

Come join a committed writing group: the Book Writers! Whether you're all finished with 50,000 words from National Novel Writing Month and want to go to the next step, need to make the finishing touches on a manuscript, or you're just getting started, one of the best ways to keep going is to work with a group of other writers with their own projects and pursuits to keep you motivated. Sign up for a workshop slot and get serious about getting published. 

Before each meeting, we read two pieces of writing from a group member. Then, we get together, discuss, critique, and share our reactions and feedback. Please contact Erik at the Library to learn how to access the next meeting's workshop piece. Reach him at ecaswell@mysticnoanklibrary.org