Local Author Series

Hear from local authors as they discuss their published works!

The Library will host a conversation with a local author, and then to add that author’s work to our Local Author Bookcase. The conversation will be posted to the Library's YouTube channel. 

January 2022: Melanie Greenhouse

Melanie Greenhouse Banner

Our January author is Melanie Greenhouse. Melanie, an acclaimed Noank playwright, was active for many years with the Mystic Arts Cafe and has published Point of Land: A Dive beneath the Surface of Noank and Read My Shorts, a collection of short plays.

Check out Point of Land from our catalog

View Melanie's book discussion on the Library's YouTube page.

February 2022: Lara Ehrlich

Lara Ehrlich Banner

In February we will host Lara Ehrlich. Lara Ehrlich is the author of Animal Wife. Selected as the winner of the Red Hen Fiction Award, it is a collection of fifteen stories unified by girls and women seeking liberation from family responsibilities, from societal expectations, and from their own minds.

Check out Animal Wife from our catalog

View Lara's book discussion on the Library's YouTube page.

March 2022: Tish Rabe

Tish Rabe Photo

In March we are hosting Tish Rabe. Tish is is a bestselling children’s book author, singer, songwriter, children’s media producer, animation head writer, children’s book publisher, and an expert in creating all forms of quality media for children and families. Tish will read Sweet Dreams Ahead Time for Bed.

View Tish's author talk on our YouTube page.

April 2022: Philip Kuepper

A Sea to Row By Banner

April we are hosting Philip Kuepper. Philip is the author of A Sea to Row By. Philip will read "Putting on the Garment of Water and Light" from his poetry collection along with currently unpublished works including, “The Illusion” and “Winter Dusk”.

Check out A Sea to Row By from our catalog

Watch Philip's author talk now on our YouTube page!

April 2022: Bhupendra Patel

The Curious One Banner

In April, we hosted Bhupendra “Bob” Patel, author of Curious One: My Adventures as a Little Boy in India. After having a distinguished career in designing and building nuclear submarines, Bob sat down at age 70 to write this memoir, which includes snapshots and emotions that have guided him through the years.

Check out Curious One: My Adventures as a Little Boy in India from our catalog

May 2022: Karen Warfield

Karen Warfield

On Tuesday, May 17th at noon we are hosting Karen Warfield. Karen is the author of White Gloves

Karen's historical fiction novel White Gloves, was published  in 2020, during the pandemic. The story takes place in Norwich in the1860s and is woven with historical facts throughout. In 2006 Karen co-edited a coffee table style book. The 9-Mile Square by Bill Stanley won The Betty M. Linsley Award for best work on a significant aspect of Connecticut’s history published or produced, for, or on behalf of a Connecticut historical society or organization. 

Karen is an Army veteran who has worked for the Department of Defense.